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Jean-François Grébert is already a confirmed artist. For about twenty years the public has been able to appreciate his works in different places. His paintings have, beyond the subjects treated, a delicacy, a luminous and diaphanous finesse.

It is because Jean-François Grébert has a sensibility that makes him grasp some of the suprasensitive vibrations of the world that few people perceive ... To talk about spirituality, most painters flee the resemblance to the real for an analog or metaphorical art , synthetic or abstract. Jean-François Grébert does not need this artifice, this flip-flop; it is in an intimate, precise, rigorous contemplation of reality that he knows how to extract the inexpressible truth from it: "Painting is a language I use to describe the world as I see it in the depths of my soul , through games of perspective, shadows, lights, shapes and colors ".

What he sees is what nobody sees: the eternity of things, the luminescence of the universe. His well-dominated technique is not a simple realism, even hyperrealism, it is a personal vision, precise, clear, which makes visible the invisible framework of the World, the cosmic radiation of things.

Whether the landscape is gay or sad, we find in his works this same incandescence, this sweet luminous emanation - hot or cold - that radiates the smallest part of the creation. There is a lot of clarity, of idealism in this work; Jean-François Grébert's inner quest illuminates space and time. This is a spiritual, mystical work. Even in his profane or anecdotal subjects, Jean-François Grébert shows us in a spirit of luminous and humble contemplation, the hidden dimension of things, the true essence of the world.

Frédéric Destremau
Chevalier dans l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres
Docteur de l'Université (Paris-Sorbonne)

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